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    Strategic Planning of the Press Council in BiH, 21.07.2017

    Press Release

    Strategic Planning of the Press Council in BiH

    The initial meeting where preparations for the Press Council in BiH’s strategic planning took place for the following two years was held in Jahorina. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Council’s media members from the dailies Oslobodjenje and Dnevni Avaz, the magazines START BiH and Dani, the FENA agency and the web portals, and, as well as by the members of the Council’s Complaints Commission.

    This initial meeting was convened upon initiative of the Council’s BD members, and it was envisioned as an exchange of ideas and suggestions, as to the direction in which the Press Council, as a unique self-regulatory body for the press and online media in BiH, should plan its activities in the following two years, in view of resolving the problems faced by editors and journalists of the press and online media in BiH.

    During the meeting, a draft of the strategy’s structure was set in place, and the focus and objectives for the following two years were defined, based on the expressed need to protect professional media coverage and professional media amidst the ever increasing number of media that are unregistered or without any contact information, who for the most part spread hate speech, and false, defaming, made up and unverified news, often disturbing the public and spreading panic. The Council has been receiving more and more inquiries from individuals and institutions, including the police, for assistance with identifying the owners or editors of online media, which do not have any contact information, neither address nor telephone number on their portal, and which thus cannot be addressed or receive reactions when need may be.

    On the other hand, ever increasing pressure, on editors and journalists who report professionally and accurately, has been noted in the shape of requests for “harsh punishment” and “removal of articles” from online space, as well as filing unfounded law suits for alleged defamation. On top of all this, conditions under which the media operate, the economic pressure and a decreasing number of print editions, represent a serious warning that the Press Council should regard in its strategic plan for the next period.

    Education of the people, who consume information through media, is necessary and maybe the only true tool against the mass spread of disturbing and false news, and hate speech in the media space, especially on internet portals. Work with judiciary organs, education of citizens and facilitating the recognition of unprofessional media platforms, as well as the education of young online media editors, will comprise and important part of the future programs of the Press Council in BiH.


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