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    Master Class II “Building Trust in the Media in the West Balkans and Turkey”


    in cooperation with UNESCO and the European Commission

    is organizing the regional educational assembly

    for 40 representatives of media self-regulatory bodies

    from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey

    Master Class II


    March 2-3, 2018

    Belgrade, hotel BAH, Knez Mihailova 27

    The Press Council in BiH is organizing the second regional educational assembly Master Class II, part of the UNESC/EC Project “Building Trust in the Media in the West Balkans and Turkey”, in Belgrade, from the 2nd to the 3rd of March 2018.

    Master Class II will assemble 40 self-regulatory body representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey, along with guests from Austria.

    The aim of this gathering is to identify solutions to mutual problems, shared by all self-regulatory bodies from the region, as well as to determine how to achieve that the media report and apply self-regulation responsibly and professionally.

    The biggest challenges currently faced by self-regulatory bodies are mass appearances of fake news, violations of the right to the freedom of speech, and question of whether the right to forget is acceptable and how would it influence changes in media archives if adopted. The participants will also discuss hate speech, unverified and unreliable information in online media, as well as the emergence of online portals without cite notice and contact information, which represents a violation of legal stipulations, as well as the expert, professional and moral aspects of journalism.

    Also during the regional assembly, the Online School of Media Ethics of the Press Council in BiH will be presented, which is a unique practical online educational program on media ethics and self-regulation for journalism students and journalists.

    Representatives from the self-regulatory bodies will attempt to find the best mechanisms for solving problems within the profession, and also for their own future financial survival.

    The assembly will be officially opened by the Executive Director of the Press Council in BiH, Ms. Ljiljana Zurovac; Project Consultant of UNESCO from Brussels, Ms. Adelin Hulin; President of the BiH Press Council's Board, Mr. Dario Novalic; and Executive Director of the Press Council Montenegro and President of the regional network of self-regulatory bodies MediaNEThic, Mr. Ranko Vujovic. The panelists will include representatives from the Press Councils of BiH, Austria, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Turkey and Macedonia as well as New Ombudsmen from Montenegro. The guests will include journalists from online media and representatives from the “Coalition of Information and Media Users in Southeast Europe”, which is developing the project on how to achieve quality of media coverage, trust in media and the way in which to lift the critical consciousness of citizens regarding violations of professional journalism standards.

    The two-day regional assembly is a continuation of Master Class I, titled “Challenges of media self-regulation and online journalism”, which was organized in Konjic, BiH in 2016. This regional educational assembly is organized with financial support of UNESCO/EC.


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