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    Press Release for the Beginning of the Campaign "Stop! Hate Speech", 09.12.2014.

    Number: 274-02 / 14

    Date: Sarajevo, 09.12.2014.




    "STOP! Hate speech!" Hate speech is not freedom of speech and is liable to criminal responsibility!

    The Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the self-regulatory body for print and online media, with the official start of the pre-election campaign for the 2014 General Elections, announces the implementation of the campaign "STOP! Hate speech!". The goal of the campaign "STOP! Hate Speech" is to react against hate speech, discriminatory and hostile rhetoric in visitors comments of internet portals, as well as the education of web portal visitors that hate speech and hatred rhetoric are not freedom of speech and are subject to criminal responsibility in accordance with the criminal law in BiH.

    The monitor team of the Press Council in BiH will monitor the content of the comments during the pre-election period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, stating "STOP! Hate Speech!" to remind or inform visitors of the portals that hate speech is not freedom of speech, but abuse, and that it can be sanctioned by criminal law in BiH.

    Editors of the web portals do not bear the responsibility for the content of visitors comments, but the editorial is obliged to remove comments containing hate speech, discrimination and threats, and in extreme cases cooperate with police and prosecutors to disclose the identity of persons abusing freedom of speech.

    The Press Council in BiH is a self-regulatory body that protects free, professional journalistic reporting, giving citizens the opportunity to file complaints and reactions when this professionalism is violated. Free and independent work is the basis for the development of free media, as well as for the protection of citizens human rights for accurate and timely information.

    Also, the editors of the web portal are free to set the "STOP! Hate Speech" tag on their portals, as a warning to their visitors, at the same time encouraging freedom of speech and constructive discussion in the comments on their portals.

    The campaign is supported by the German Embassy in Sarajevo, FES Foundation and NED.

    Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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