The Press Council in BiH Organizes Press-Conference Campaign: "Stop the Hate Speech 2018" Online Media


11.30 - 12.30h, Thursday, September 13th 2018, Sarajevo, Hotel Europa, Atrium Hall.

The Press Council in BiH registered 838 comments with hate speech content, issued 612 warnings, permanently banished 125 users and 140 for a certain period, in the first 25 days of the Campaigns on seven Internet portals.

The Press Council, the self-regulatory body for print and online media in BiH, in cooperation with the Institute for Reporting on War and Peace - IWPR and Media Content Management - MCM, organizes a press conference to present the Campaign - "STOP! Hate Speech 2018 ".

The Campaign is supported by the International Organization for Migration - IOM and USAID. It-s implementation runs from August 17 to November 18 2018. Seven online media are actively involved in the Campaign:,,,,, and

The aim of the project is to protect the freedom of speech and freedom of expression through the method of monitoring and preventing the spread of hate speech in visitors' comments. Hate speech is one of the big problems encountered by online media in BiH. One of the goals is the education of online media visitors that freedom of expression and freedom of speech do not imply the freedom of spreading hate speech or making threats, which are criminal offenses.

With the full support of the editors of the selected online media, the Press Councils' monitors in BiH monitor the visitor comments of the portal, putting the "Stop! Hate Speech" sign below comments with content identified as incitement, hate speech, or threats, saying that hate speech is a criminal offense, and not freedom of speech, and that the persons who spread hate speech or threats can be prosecuted in accordance with the Criminal Laws in BiH. Drastic content with hate speech is immediately removed, and the authors of such comments are banned for a certain time or permanently. In some cases, these persons will be reported to the police.

The total number of comments with inappropriate content, for the period of 17.08. - 09/10/2018. is 838, and the total number of issued warnings is 612, 125 users are permanently banned, and 140 are banned for a certain period.

Comparing the results of the first Campaign made in the pre-election period of 2014, in which included comments made on 42 Internet portals, it was noticed that the number and brutality of hate speech that citizens express in the space given to them free expression, dramatically increased.

What has not been seen before is now appearing in large numbers, as threats to journalists and women, in this period, as many as 57 such threats have been pronounced.