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    Media and Public Credibility: Hidden Advertising in the Media - Deceiving the Public

    Saša Leković for

    Any marketing content published in the media is not journalism and should be clearly labeled as an advertisement. When this is not done, one of the essential ethics principles of the journalism profession is  violated, as well as the law.

    It appears completely clear and utterly simple, but in practice there is daily deceit of the readers, listeners and viewers who are presented commercials as journalism content - from non-labeled paid ads, through keeping quiet when content is paid for by someone who profits from it, all the way to journalists signing off on marketing content someone paid for as if it was a news article, where often it is the case that the PR company of the payer created the content.

    This is not an invention created in BiH, Croatia or any other country in the region, unfortunately, is a world trend in the era of disregarding real journalism content as one of the founding pillars on which the rests the conscious and responsible human society that seeks progress.

    But in eternally “transitional” countries with a critical lack of democratic standards and public responsibility, in countries with small media sales, in countries where a health system of values is completely destroyed (if it ever existed), while lies and deceits are a wanted model of behavior instead of an alarming exception, the placement of advertisements of different kinds and shapes without warning about what is in fact in question is finding its natural habitat.

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