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    Presentation of the Report “Policies and Practices of Advertising in BiH”, 21.06.2018, Sarajevo

    The existing legislative frameworks and regulatory rules treat only certain aspects of advertising in Bosnia and Herzegovina, mainly in the electronic media sector, while other entire areas have been left unregulated: public sector advertising, price discounts for advertising services, lottery games and advertising through influential profiles on social networks. These are the key findings of the report “Policies and Practices of Advertising in BiH”, developed within the project Media and Public Credibility, implemented by the Consortium comprised of the BH Journalists Association, the Press Council in BiH, Mediacentar and the JaBiHuEU NGO, and financed by the European Union.

    The report contains an overview of laws and practices of advertising in BiH, an analysis of this field in the EU countries and our region, and recommendations for permanent solutions in the advertising sector with the goal aimed at its strengthening and permanent financial stability, institutional transparency and preventing the abuse of public funds for political promotion, media clientelism and economic pressures against the media.

    One of the recommendations of the report is the development of a Law on Advertising on the BiH level and joint efforts of the advertising industry and media towards the system of rating measuring, to create conditions for the development of the advertising market and the strengthening of the media industry as a whole. It also proposes improvement of legislative and (self-)regulatory measures which will ensure availability of information in the field of advertising and public procurement, as well as strengthen the reputation and power of the advertising market in BiH.  

    The report will be presented on the conference “Regulation of the Advertising Market” on June 21, 2018, at 11 o’clock, in the building of the EU Delegation in BiH (Big Sal) - Sarajevo, Skenderija 3a.

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