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    Media and Public Credibility: We need a unique Media Registry

    We need a unique Media Registry


    If we determine who stands behind a media than we would be able to fight against negative occurrences, before all hate speech, says Borka Rudic

    “It is important to know who our media are, who stands behind them, whose money it is, and what kind of ownership structure and editorial policy is in place, claims Borka Rudic, Secretary General of the “BH Journalists” Association. The Project “Media and Public Credibility” is initiated with the goal of establishing a Law on transparency of media ownership, media financing and advertising in BiH.

    This project focuses on the preparation of the legislative framework for the regulation of this area, which is of special importance for the freedom of expression, protection of journalists and prevention of pressure, with political connotations, against the media and journalists. It is financed by the EU in BiH, and implemented by a consortium comprised of the Media Center Sarajevo Foundation, the Press Council in BiH, the JaBiHEU NGO, and the BH Journalists Association.

    Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Chief of the EC Delegation and special representative of the EU to BiH, claims that the issue of media is important in the context of BiH’s EU integrations and that is why this project is important: - BiH has many media, but it looks like a jungle at the moment. There are shortcomings in the sense of transparency of media ownership, on top of the issues of various influences on the media, what results in a lack of trust in the media, says Wigemark.

    The Project “Media and Public Credibility” is based on the EU standards of transparency of media ownership and media pluralism, protection of the value of the journalism profession and its credibility in the public.

    Rudic notes that he media should be a space for political debate on the issues important to citizens, and not the creators of various propaganda and activities aimed at a kind of indoctrination of BiH’s citizens: - It is important that we have a media registry in one place. We will strive to include provisions in the Law that will oblige the CRA and Press Council to have all the media in one place, which will be on their websites and available to all, says Rudic.

    If we determine who stands behind a media, says our speaker, than we would be able to fight against negative occurrences, such as hate speech, which is especially prevalent on the portals. On top of hate speech, we are faced with an ever-increasing occurrence of fake sensationalistic news whose goal is to obtain “the biggest number of klicks on the portals.”

    Ljiljana Zurovac, Executive Director of the Press Council in BiH, warns about the ever-increasing number of portals that do not have important recognizable identification: Site notice. Thus, a media loses its credibility, while the journalistic content of this media, or platform calling itself a media, loses value.

    According to Samra Luckin, Director of the Boram Marketing Agency, the media are those whose credibility is their strongest mean with which they communicate with the public and with which they barter: - The media’s credibility is their “strongest weapon” and that is what makes a media recognizable as good or bad, or which gives it a low or high rating. This primarily implies the public reputation that the media create through their work, says Luckin.

    (Zinaida Đelilović)

    The Project “Media and Public Credibility” is supported by the EU Delegation in BiH, however, the Delegation is not responsible for the content of this article.


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