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    Media and Public Credibility: The Journalism Code is our Pandect

    Media and Public Credibility


    Transparency of media ownership and financing, as well as measures that ensure pluralism of ownership and prevent concentration are the key for ensuring freedom.

    It is possible to improve the work of the self-regulatory and regulatory bodies for media, the Press Council in BiH and the Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA), through better cooperation with media editors, their acceptance of responsibility when reporting and compliance with professional provisions stipulated by the Codes, claims executive director of the Council Ljiljana Zurovac.

    The goal of the project “Media and Public Credibility” is the passing of the law on transparency of media ownership, media financing and advertising in BiH. It is financed by the EU in BiH, and implemented by a consortium consisting of the Media Center Sarajevo, the Press Council in BiH, the JaBiHEU NGO and the BH Journalists Association. Zurovac states that ownership transparency, with special regards to online media, would make the work of the Council a lot easier.

    - It is a fact that that more than half of the online media do not even have the basic contact information and thus we cannot reach the people who post unprofessional, inaccurate and often made-up news or who are spreading hate speech and defamation, says Zurovac.

    With a law on ownership transparency this chaos would be regulated in a certain way, the manner of registering would be defined, and the founders would oblige themselves to transparency and compliance with the Code. The BH Press Council is a member of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe, APICES, whose moto is “Better that we self-regulate, than that someone else regulates us!”

    The CRA reminds that media freedoms and pluralism are part of the EU Convention on Basic Human Liberties. The media play a very important role in ensuring transparency and responsibility of ownership, influence the formation of public opinion and the citizens’ participation in decisions. – Transparency of ownership and media financing, the measures which ensure ownership pluralism and prevent media concentration, are key for ensuring media freedom and pluralism, says CRA.

    (Edin Barimac)

    The Project “Media and Public Credibility” is supported by the EU Delegation in BiH; however, the Delegation is not responsible for the content of this article.


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