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    Seminar “Mediation of the Self-Regulatory and Regulatory Body before a Court Proceeding”, 22.06.2018, Jahorina




    is organizing 

    The Inter-Professional Seminar for the Judiciary and Media Stakeholders

    within the JUFREX project of the Council of Europe and the European Union - Reinforcing Judicial Expertise on Freedom of Expression and the Media in SEE 


    June 22, 2018

    Vucko Hotel, Jahorina   

    The Press Council, the self-regulatory body for the press and online media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is organizing a seminar/workshop on the pre-trial mediation procedure of media self-regulatory and regulatory bodies within the Mutual Project of the Council of Europe and the European Union, JUFREX - Reinforcing Judicial Expertise on Freedom of Expression and the Media in SEE, on June 22, 2018 in the Vucko hotel, on Jahorina, beginning at 9:30h.


    The goal of the seminar is to strengthen the judiciary expertise and understanding of the freedom of media coverage and responsible journalism in BiH’s media, as well as to empower journalists to abide by ethics standards of professional and responsible coverage.

    The Workshop is intended for media professionals - editors, journalists and owners of electronic, printed and online media, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, political party PR persons and civil society representatives.

    The participants of the seminar will discuss regulation and self-regulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, media self-regulation and regulation as a pre-trial procedure, professional ethics, freedom of speech and the awareness of the responsibility towards the public, and mediation as alleviation of the courts from unnecessary, expensive and long proceedings.   

    The panelists will include: Mr. Alexander Warzilek, Executive Director of the Press Council of Austria; Ms. Ljiljana Zurovac, Program Director of the Press Council in BiH; Ms. Vildana Selimbegović, Editor in Chief and Director of the daily newspaper “Oslobodjenje”, Chair of the Assembly of the Press Council in BiH; Ms. Vanja Ibrahimbegović, Head of the JUFREX program in BiH; Ms. Nada Dalipagić, Attorney, Member of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council in BiH; Ms. Borka Rudić, Secretary General of the BH Journalists Association; Ms. Sanela Gorušanović-Butigan, Judge of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo; Ms. Asja Rokša-Zubčević, Director of the Audio-visual Communication Sector and International Cooperation in Broadcasting, of the Communications Regulatory Agency; Mr. Elvir Švrakić, Owner and General Director of Hayat TV; Mr. Mehmed Halilović, Media Expert and ex Media Ombudsman.

    Participants will include eminent representatives from the judiciary, journalists, relevant persons from the regulatory body and members of the Press Council in BiH, as well as political party representatives.

    This, third consequent seminar is a continuation of the realization of the project “Reinforcing Judicial Expertise on Freedom of Expression and the Media in South-East Europe” (JUFREX), implemented under auspices of the European Union and the Council of Europe, as part of which a number of seminars and round tables will be organized, intended to strengthen the capacity of journalists, judges, prosecutors, attorneys and other professionals engaged in the activities relating to the implementation of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Essential Freedoms.


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