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    82nd Session of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council in BiH, 28.12.2018

    The Session of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council in BiH will be held on Friday, December 28, 2018.

    Since the start of the year, the Press Council in BiH received a total of 313 complaints, out of which 239 regarded the writings of the press and online media, while 74 complaints regarded internet visitor comments.

    In the period since the last session, October to December 2018, the Council received a total of 91 complaints, where thirty seven (37) were resolved through self-regulation, i.e. through publication of denials, reactions, corrections or apologies, or by removing content containing hate speech, incitement or discrimination.

    Currently in process there are eleven (11) complaints, while in three (3) cases the complainants withdrew from further procedure, and four (4) cases were out of the jurisdiction of the Press Council in BiH, because they regarded content published on blogs, social networks and electronic media - radio or television.

    The Complaints Commission of the Press Council in BiH, on its session held on December 28, 2018, will consider thirty six (36) complaints:

    1. Lejla Hairlahović-portal 
    2. Center for Women’s Rights Zenica - daily “Dnevni avaz“ 
    3. The Advisory board of BiH- portal 
    4. Mr. Eldin Smailagic - daily “Dnevni Avaz” 
    5. Mr. Zdenko Sanje - daily “Dnevni Avaz” 
    6. Mr. Muamer Fazlagic - daily “Dnevni Avaz” 
    7. Mr. Semir Pasanbegovic - daily “Dnevni Avaz”
    8. Mr. Alija Bezdrov - daily “Dnevni Avaz” 
    9. Mr. Alija Bajrica - daily “Dnevni Avaz” 
    10. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    11. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    12. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    13. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    14. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    15. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    16. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    17. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    18. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    19. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    20. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    21. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    22. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal 
    23. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    24. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    25. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    26. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    27. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    28. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    29. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    30. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    31. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    32. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    33. Ms. Amila Hasecic - portal
    34. Ms. Demila Gabriel - daily “Dnevni Avaz”
    35. Ms. Demila Gabriel - portal
    36. FK Zeljeznicar - portal

    The Session will be attended by the members of the Complaints Commission:  Prof. Miodrag Živanović PhD; Attorney Dražen Zubak; Editor Fuad Kovačević; Judge Nada Arsenić; Prof. Enes Osmančević PhD; Editor Milan Šutalo; Journalist Muhamed Jusić; Docent Zlatiborka Popov Momčinović PhD; Attorney Nada Dalipagić; Journalist Suzana Mijatović and Journalist Rajna Radosavljević.

    The adjudications of the Complaints Commission are public, sent to the editorial staff and the complainant for review, and are permanently posted on the web, Facebook, and Twitter page of the Press Council in BiH,


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