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    To the threats, hate speech and attempts of intimidating aimed at
    GLORIJA LUJANOVIĆ, journalist of the portal


    The Board of Directors of the Press Council in BiH, the self-regulatory body for the press and online media, alarmingly infers that the trend of attacks on journalists with intent to quiet them continues

    The Press Council harshly condemns threats and hate speech directed at the journalist of the portal, Glorija Lujanović, due to her reporting on camps and crimes committed by the Mujahedins in Central Bosnia during the war in BiH in the ‘90s, calling her an “Ustasha Bitch” and calling for somebody to “break her teeth”.

    The internet space in BiH is free and open for free expression, exchange of critical opinions and addressing constructive criticism, and as such it should be protected. The abuse of the freedom of expression for the purpose of spreading hate, issuing threats and intimidation, as in this case, are criminal acts pertaining to the criminal codes of BiH. Persons who post such criminal content under nick names need to know that they are not invisible and that their identities can be easily discovered, thus they can be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of the criminal codes of BiH.

    The attempts at intimidating the young journalist Glorija Lujanović aim at stopping her professional duty. It is the journalists’ professional duty to report to citizens about everything that is in the public interest, and no one, by no means, especially through methods of threat and intimidation shall prevent them from doing so. If someone is not satisfied with the journalist coverage, regards it false or inaccurate, there are legitimate methods of reacting, which are at the disposal of all citizens and institutions. Sending denials, corrections to false statements, new information and facts to the Press Council and the Communications Regulatory Agency, are legitimate ways of reacting. In cases of defamation, the possibility of filing a suit against defamation in accordance with the Law on Protection from Defamation. Threats, inciting rhetoric and intimidation are criminal acts and worthy of every conviction.  

    Protecting the democratic right of journalists to freely report in the public interest, the Board of Directors of the Press Council, appeals to the Ministry of the Interior and the District Attorney of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton to do all to arrest and prosecute the person who issued the brutal threats to journalist Glorija Lujanović. Furthermore, the Press Council encourages colleagues journalists to report every kind of threat and attempt of preventing the free exercise of their professional duty.

    Board of Directors of the Press Council in BiH


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