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    Press Release of the Complaints Commission, 28.05.2017

    Sarajevo, 28.05.2017

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    During the 74th session of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council in BiH, 62 complaints were considered in total, received since the last session. 20 complaints regarded coverage of the press and online media in BiH and 42 complaints regarded online media visitor comments.

    10 complaints relating to news coverage were upheld due to established breaches of the Press Code of BiH, while 8 were not upheld because no breach of professional norms was found; 2 complaints were returned to the self-regulation procedure, i.e. for publication of denials in media.

    The Complaints Commission of the Press Council has warned many times about the growing trend of inappropriate comments in the online media space, made available for citizens’ free expression.

    The Complaints Commission of the Press Council primarily adjudicates on editorial content of the press and online media, about news articles and self-regulation mechanisms within the journalism profession, and not on the overall communication amongst online media users. This communication is, unfortunately, very often on a very low level of communication culture and presents a high degree of intolerance of all kinds.

    This time, the Complaints Commission again notes that such manner of communication is unacceptable and again appeals to the responsible authorities, the police and prosecution, to identify and process the persons who are committing crimes by spreading hate speech through online media

    The Commission also appeals to online media editorial staffs to invest additional effort, as to make online communication with and amongst online media users more decent and polite.

    The Press Council, the self-regulatory body for the press and online media in BiH, will within its mandate continue to warn about unacceptable communication in online media, and within the media self-regulation mechanism, it will work on warning about and criticizing this occurrence, as well as on organization of additional educational events for online media editors and journalists.

    The press clipping of media publications can be read here.


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