AIPCE: Webinar "The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on Press Councils"


AipceThe Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (AIPCE) organized a webinar on May 6, 2020 entitled "The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on Press Councils". The webinar was attended by representatives of press councils from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, North Macedonia, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Albania, Austria, Mongolia, Norway, UNESCO and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ).

Some of the topics discussed at the webinar were: the relation between the right to privacy and the public interest, the attitude of journalists towards patients, doctors and medical staff, reporting about and promoting untested drugs, sensationalist reporting, insufficient or too critical reporting on government actions, access to information and threats to freedom of expression, consequences for the work of the councils (increase or decrease in the number of complaints, possible changes in the code of ethics, advices and trainings for journalists on the crisis and how to overcome stress, work from home, financial consequences).

Maida Bahto Kestendžić, Project Coordinator in the Press Council in BiH participated in this webinar, talking about complaints received since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, press releases sent to the public, media and government officials, new challenges and ways of organizing the work of the Press Council in BiH in changed circumstances .