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    Study Visit of the Serbian Press Council

    14th – 16th March 2019. As the leader of self-regulatory bodies in the region, the Press B&H hosted colleagues from the Press Council from Serbia within a study visit March 14th until March 16th 2019. in Sarajevo.

    The members of the Press Council from Serbia discussed with members of the Press Council in B&H and the members of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council in B&H the matter of equalizing the application of media self-regulation and ethical standards of media reporting. A special part of the study visit was dedicated to the practical handling of citizens' complaints on reporting of the press and online media, as well as solving the problem of hate speech in the media.

    Colleagues from the Press Council from Serbia, accompanied by members of the Press Council in BiH, visited the editors' offices of two of the largest B&H daily newspapers, Dnevni Avaz and Oslobodjenje, which are members of the Press Council in B&H.

    Editor-in-Chief Fadil Mandal and editor Dzenana Burek welcomed the participants of the study visit to the daily newspaper „Dnevni Avaz“, and briefly informed our guests about the daily work in this B&H media, their experience in the application of self-regulation, and the difficulties and challenges of the profession. Visiting the daily newspaper "Oslobodjenje" the focus was on the conversation with editor-in-chief and director of "Oslobodjenje" Vildana Selimbegovic about the media environment in B&H, pressures on journalists, cooperation with the Press Council, and parallels with the media situation in the countries of the region.

    This study visit was organized within the framework of the joint regional project "Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey" supported by UNESCO / EC.

    The need for joint action is clear from the fact that with the development and massive use of Internet portals, media contents do not remain in the countries in which they were created, they are transferred and read in countries of the region.

    Exchange of thoughts and experience with colleagues from the region is an important way to improve the work of self-regulatory bodies and empower self-regulation mechanisms.


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