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    REACTION OF THE PRESS COUNCIL BiH on the Savage Attack of President of SDA Novi Grad Huso Cesir on the Photographer of Portal Zurnal.Info Adi Kebo

    The Steering Board of the Press Council in BiH, the self-regulatory body for print and online media, with great disapproval and concern reacts to today's savage attack on the photographer of the journal Adi Kebo.

    The photographer was verbally and physically attacked by the President of the Municipal Council of SDA Novi Grad, Huso Cesir, while recording the entrance to Cesir's private company for the needs of journalistic research on the business of that company, which has been conducting for some time. Cursing and insulting him, Cesir the owner of the company tried to take the camera from the photographer Kebo, and this was finally done by Cesir's son Muamer, who forcefully took the camera from the photographer's hands.

    The freedom of media reporting is guaranteed in democracy and is the foundation of a healthy and free society. Making threats and intimidation, in particular physical attacks and preventing media employees, as in this case, to carry out journalistic work in the public interest, are punishable and have to be treated in accordance with BiH criminal laws. The shock that a photographer suffered due to the attack and brutality expressed to him, should be a additional element for the prosecution of perpetrators.

    If someone is dissatisfied with journalistic reporting, he finds it wrong or incorrect, there are legitimate methods of reaction that are available to citizens, and public officials and institutions at their disposal, sending denials and corrections of false allegations to the Press Council or the Communications Regulatory Agency. In cases of defamation, there is the possibility of libel suit under the Defamation Law. Disabling journalistic work by threats, physical attacks, seizure and destruction of equipment is a crime for all convictions.

    By safeguarding the democratic right of journalists to freely report in the public interest, the Steering Board of the Press Council calls on the MUP and the Prosecution to do everything possible to investigate and sanction this act of violence and interference to a media professional.

    Also, the Press Council encourages colleagues of journalists to report any kind of threats and attempts to stop their free exercise of professional tasks.

    Steering Board of the Press and Online Media Council in BiH


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