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    Press Release of the Press Council in BiH: May  3rd - World Press Freedom Day

    The Press Council in BiH wants to remind the public and all members of the media community of BiH about the importance of media freedom for the development of democratic societies.

    Media freedom, as a key factor in securing all human rights and freedoms, comes with responsibilities. Without responsible citizens and journalists it is not possible to truly enjoy the freedom of thought and expression.

    Wild portals, non-transparency of media ownership, hate speech, attacks on journalists, pressures on the work of media and economic dependence are just some of the problems with which media in BiH deal in their everyday work.

    Although, according to the World Press Freedom Index in 2019 BiH is on the solid 63rd place, in front of most neighboring countries, it’s pointed out that polarizing rhetoric and verbal attacks seriously undermine the freedom of media in our country. The problems of the media community in BiH and the freedom of media are clearly visible in politically and nationally motivated editorial decisions, non-transparent media ownership, an increasing number of wild portals without an impression and any contact information. Low salaries, honorary contracts and poor working conditions make the quality of work of journalists in BiH difficult.

    Hate speech in BiH media and public discourse poses a serious threat to peaceful coexistence, the rights of individuals and the development of stable, professional and responsible media. Endangering the Other is not freedom, hate speech is not freedom of speech. In order to protect the freedom of media, it is necessary to suppress and prosecute hate speech in BiH.

    The protection of journalists can and should not be the sole concern of the media community, the problem of threatening journalists is the problem of the entire society. Recent cases of violence against journalists on their tasks have only shown the price that individuals pay for citizens to exercise their right to information.

    A conscious and voluntary decision by the media to correct the mistakes, improve their work, professional standards and the quality of journalistic work by using the mechanisms of self-regulation and following the ethical code helps to increase the quality of the profession.

    Only with the cooperation of all components of society, citizens, journalists and institutions it's possible to create a professional media environment.

    Press Council in BiH


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