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    Educational training for the editorial staff of the portals, and on the problem of hate speech, ethical standards of journalism and the Press Code in BiH


    Organized a training for journalists of the portals


    within the Campaign "STOP! HATE SPEECH"

    Wednesday, June 27, 2019

    Banja Luka

    Within the Campaign "Stop! Hate Speech ", the Press Council in BiH, together with its partners, organized a training with the editorial staff of the portals, and, on June 27th 2019. in Banja Luka.

    The goal of the Campaign "Stop! Hate Speech" is the protection of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, by monitoring and preventing the spread of hate speech in comments by online media visitors, and by the education of others, with this problem affected, spheres of bh. Society.

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    Representatives of the project team of the Press Council in BiH talked with Banja Luka journalists during the training on the problem of hate speech in the comments of online portals and the protection of freedom of expression on web portals. Together they communicated on the ways of treating hate speech in comments, how to recognize hate speech, when it’s necessary to delete it, when editors need to ban users, and what are insults and how they are distinguished from hate speech. A special part of the training was devoted to education on ethical standards of journalism, the Code of Ethics in Print and Online Media in BiH, and the recommendations of the Press Council in BiH for respecting the principles of self-regulation.

    The Press Council in BiH, self-regulatory body for print and online media in BiH, in cooperation with the Institute for Reporting on War and Peace - IWPR and Media Content Management - MCM, is implementing the Campaign "Stop! Hate speech" for the third time.

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    Alongside the trainings for journalists, educations will be organized for students of journalism throughout BiH about hate speech and its endangering of human rights and freedoms by spreading hate speech. For the first time in this kind of campaign, advertisers are involved through direct meetings, workshops and an active fight against hate speech in online media.

    Online media and marketing advertisers from BiH will work under the joint motto - We are against hate speech! The Campaign "Stop! Hate speech "will last until January 2020.

    This campaign is supported by the International Organization for Migration - IOM and USAID.


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