the radio show about media and citizens,
about the citizens' right to true and professional media reporting.

The Press Council in BiH began the production of a 15 min. show “Your Voice in Media - ZOOM”, which speaks about the topics of media ethics, media self-regulation, media laws, freedom and responsibility of media, the citizens’ right to complain and react to unprofessional media coverage, the dangers of spreading hate speech in the media, the position of journalists, political pressures etc.

The reporters of the show are from the entire BiH, young journalists, former-attendants of the School of Media Ethics and Press Council seminars: Denis Hadzic, Boris Covic, Djana Besic, Nejra Misavljevic, Neira Barucija, Marija Puselja, Ivan Bajdak, Gorana Sekulic, Antonela Kvesic and Ivana Bilic.

The editor of the show is Ljiljana Zurovac, and the sound engineer is Nermin Zorlak.

The show is supported by Robert Bosh Foundation, Internews, NED and CRD.

All the shows, published by now, are listed for listening below and you can also listen to them at the Press Council's Facebook page: