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    Rules For Comments Of Online Media Visitors'

    Although, visitors comments on online media are not editorial content, the editor should pay attention that there is no offensive content, hate speech, or threats in the comments.

    1. The editor at the portal is obliged to delete comments containing insults, hate speech, threats or defamation, and to ban persons who post them for some time or completely deny them the right to comment on articles.

    2. The editor at the portal is responsible for the journalistic, editorial content of the portal, he is not professionally responsible for the content of comments by irresponsible anonymous visitors at the time when the readers submit them below the text. However, the editor is obliged to remove such comments from his portal.

    3. By not reacting on inappropriate comments, keeping them on the portal and not deleting them, the editor becomes responsible for their content.

    4. Visitors of online media who make comments with hate speech are subject to criminal liability, as they encourage intolerance and hatred.

    The same responsibility applies if the comments contain threats: Following the Criminal Law of BiH: XV - Chapter fifteenth, Criminal offenses against the freedom and rights of man and citizens. As well as the Criminal Laws of FBiH and RS: XVII - Chapter Seventeenth, Criminal offenses against the freedom and rights of man and citizens.

    We would like to recall the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in the Delfi AS against Estonia case, from June 16th 2015, that confirmed the responsibility of the portal for offensive and defamatory comments on their media.

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