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    Ms. Amila Hasečić - portal, 28.12.2018

    Complaint number: 13-02/18
    Date of the Session: 28.12.2018.
    Complainant: Ms. Amila Hasečić
    Media: Portal
    Title of the Article: “The case that stirred up a lot of Dust in Sarajevo: Amila Hasecic, who abused a child, could not have gotten a job in a public Kindergarten through a Solicitation?!”
    Date of publication: 24.10.2018
    Grounds for the Complaint: The complainant sought the removal of the article and video footage.
    Outcome: Complaint not upheld
    Adjudication of the Complaints Commission:
    The Complaints Commission finds that the Press Code of BiH was not breached.
    The Complaints Commission finds that the publication of the article and footage was in the public interest, being that minor children are cared for in the kindergarten in question.
    Publication of this authentic footage, recorded by the kindergarten’s surveillance cameras, is in the public interest and the media had full right to publish it.
    The Complaints Commission of the Press Council in BiH recommends that the editorial staff of the portal publish this Adjudication. 
    Members of the Complaints Commission: Chair, Prof. Miodrag Živanović PhD; Editor Fuad Kovačević; Editor Milan Šutalo, Judge Nada Arsenić; Attorney Nada Dalipagić, Prof. Enes Osmančević PhD, Prof. Zlatiborka Popov Momčinović, Attorney Dražen Zubak, Journalist Suzana Mijatović, Journalist Muhamed Jusić, Journalist Rajna Radosavljević.
    of the Complaints Commission 
    Prof. Miodrag Živanović PhD


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