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    Citizen’s Complaint - portal, 20.07.2017

    Number: 233-02/17
    Date: 20.07.2017


    of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    on the complaints from citizens regarding

    the article “What will you Marry: BH Youtuber made a Hit with the new Video seen by a Million People (VIDEO)” published on the portal on 28.06.2017,

    and the article “What will you Marry/Internet Hit: How a Bosnian Describes today’ Girls”, published on the portal on 28.07.2017.

    The Complaints Commission praises the decision of the editorial staffs of the portals and to remove the content taken from You Tube, titled “Today’s Girls”, published on their portals.

    The Commission appeals to editors of other portals that published this content to remove it.

    The Complaints Commission appeals to media newsrooms to refrain from future publishing and giving media attention to contents promoting any kind of violence, discrimination and disregard, s was the specific case with the video content “Today’s Girl’s” with regards to women.

    A large number of complaints, 30, were received by the Press Council as a result of publication of this content, what we consider to be a positive reaction of the public.

    Further, the Press Council encourages complainants to use the opportunity to report inappropriate contents to the platforms where they are originally published, as is You Tube and other online platforms.

    The Complaints Commission recommends that the media publish this Adjudication.

    Members of the Complaints Commission: Deputy Chair, Attorney Drazen Zubak; Editor Fuad Kovacevic; Judge Nada Arsenic; Prof. Enes Osmancevic PhD; Docent Zlatiborka Popov Momcinovic PhD; Journalist Muhamed Jusic; Journalist Suzana Mijatovic and Editor Milan Sutalo.

    Deputy Chair
    of the Complaints Commission

    Drazen Zubak

    The entire text of the Adjudication is available on the website of the Press Council in BiH in the BHS languages and a translation to English can be obtained, upon request, from the Secretariat of the Press Council in BiH - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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