- Analysed complaints of public 
- Adopted Annex to the Article 10 of the Press Code - Persons Charged With Criminal Offences
- Adopted Recommendations for court reporters on investigations and court processes

1. ANNEX TO THE PRESS CODE, Article 10: Persons Charged With Criminal Offences:

Article 10a: Person Charged With War Crimes:
Newspapers and periodicals shall not treat any individual as a war crime prior to a court sentence to that effect. Until court sentence to that effect, newspapers and periodicals shall treat such individuals as suspect and/or accused war crimes.

Recommendations for court reporters on investigations and court processes shall be submitted to all BiH media subsequently.

Five complaints on press reporting was submitted, out of which three cases were successfully mediated:

Cases mediated:
1. Complaint of Ms Lucija Babic on the article "Bono" published in September edition of magazine "Bobovac" - after mediation of the Press Council, published reaction of Ms Babic and editorial apology in November issue of the magazine.
2. Complaint of Mr Sejad Kocic on articles "Jelic Amazed Blater" (24th October 2006) and "In Target: Nationalists Under the Mask of Fanaticos" (29th October 2006) - published complainant's denial after mediation of the Press Council.
3. Complaint of Ministry of Housing on the article "State Illegally Evicts a Girl" published on 6th of November 2006 in daily "Oslobodjenje": denial published after mediation of the Press Council.

Two cases were analysed at the meeting and following Adjudication were adopted:

1. Daily «Dnevni list», breached Article 11 of the Press Code:
The Press Council has discussed the article "Student in Hell of Prostitution" published on 1st December 2006 in daily "Dnevni list". Even though an official complaint was not submitted to the Press Council, after numerous reactions of citizens via telephone or e-mail, the Press Council self-initiatevly analysed possible breach of the Press Code.
The Council concludes that daily "Dnevi list" has breached Article 11 of the Press Code - Protection of Children and Minors, due to publishing of name of a minor and headline that was set as a notion, not a question on minor's fate.

2. Daily «SAN», complaint of Mr Halid Genjac - CASE NOT UPHELD.
Complaint of Mr Halid Genjac on articles "Investigation on Halid Genjac" and "Arrogance and Deception of Halid Genjac" published on 11th and 25th of October 2006 in daily "SAN" was not upheld.

Editorial office has published reaction of the complainant, together with editorial's explanation and findings of the BiH Prosecutor's Office.

The Press Council recommends editors of print media not to publish their comments on complainants'/readers' letters in the same edition where they publish such letters, but a day later.

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