in cooperation with UNESCO and the European Union

is organizing a regional educational assembly

Masterclass I


“Challenges for Media Self-Regulation and Online Journalism”

 June 9 - 10, 2016, Konjic

The Press Council in BiH is organizing a regional educational assembly “Challenges for Media Self-Regulation and Online Journalism”, in Konjic, from the 9th to the 10th of June 2016, for representatives of self-regulatory bodies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. The two-day assembly will be realized by the Press Council in BiH with financial support of UNESCO and the European Union.

Digital technologies are dramatically changing media eco-systems and the ways in which news and information are gathered, exchanged and consumed. These changes have challenged and redefined the nature and practices of traditional journalism, as well as the relation between the media and its readers. Professional journalists and traditional media now have to share the scene with twitterists, bloggers, citizens - journalists and social network users. Furthermore, the transition from offline to online journalism has caused a number of professional, legal and ethical challenges for journalists.

The two-day educational assembly presents an opportunity for the participants to discuss about online media ethics, the position of traditional media in relation to new media, as well as the possibilities of solving the problems of web portals without visible contact information and the abuse of the freedom of expression through hate speech and discriminatory contents in comments of internet portal visitors.

The program will also consist of practical work - simulation of the work of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council, through analysis of citizen’s complaints regarding coverage of the press and online media. The last day of the education assembly will consist of a visit to the Tito’s Bunker Museum.

The moderators are Ms. Ljiljana Zurovac, Executive Director of the Press Council in BiH and Ms. Adeline Hulin, UNESCO Program Consultant, who will officially open the assembly and present the project “Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey”.

The panelists will include renown media experts and journalists: Ms. Amy Brouillette, Director of the European Media Project, Center for Media and Society, Hungary; Ms. Gillian Phillips, Director of the Editorial-Legal Services of the daily Guardian, United Kingdom; Mr. Dean Starkman, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigatory Journalism and Former Editor of the Columbia News Review, Hungary; Mr. Djordje Krivokapic, Legal Director, Share Foundation, Serbia; Ms. Gordana Novakovic, Secretary General of the Press Council of Serbia, Serbia, along with members of the Media NEThics - the Regional Network of Self-Regulatory bodies.

The educational assembly will be realized within the UNESCO/EU project - “Building Trust in media in South East Europe and Turkey”.