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    Recommendations for media - Treatment of Gender Issues in Media

    Press Council in Bosnia-Herzegovina,
    Association "BH Journalists", Bosnia-Herzegovina Journalist Union,
    Association of Croat Journalists in B&H, Association of Journalists of Republika Srpska

    on treating gender issues and usage of gender sensitive language in B&H media

    These Recommendations were adopted at the session held on 24th of August 2006, in co-operation with Q Association, Gender centres of the RS and FB&H and Gender Equality Agency of B&H

    Editors and editorial staff of print and electronic media in BiH shall, via editorial policy, make effort to assure respect for equality based on gender, sex, sex identity, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, through:

    1. ..showing positive examples of non-discrimination and respect for human rights in both private and public aspects of life

    2. .. showing all persons in equal and non-stereotyped manner, fully respecting their personality and human dignity

    3. ..raising awareness on equal participation of women and men in economic and social development

    4. ..elimination of sexism, gender-phobia, homophobia, bi-phobia, trans-phobia and other prejudice and stereotypes in media language

    5. ..usage of gender sensitive language in terms of functions, titles and academic status of persons in question

    6. ..raising public awareness on problem of sexual violence, incest, family violence, economic violence, trafficking and consequences of such violence on victims and society in general

    7. ..raising public awareness on presence of different sorts of violence based on gender, sex, and sexual orientation, and disastrous effects of such violence on victims

    8. of journalists on equality based on sex, gender, sexual identity, gender identity, sexual orientation and usage of gender sensitive language in everyday journalistic practice

    9. ..promotion of equal participation and representation of persons with different sex and gender identity in decision-making positions at media, especially at leading, programming and regulatory bodies.

    The Recommendations were adopted in accordance with generally accepted ethical and professional standards of journalism, and International and Bosnia-Herzegovina regulations on human rights and gender equality:

    - European Convention on Human Rights and Basic Freedoms and Protocol 12
    - International Pact on Civil and Political Rights (1966) and Optional Protocols (1966 and 1989)
    - International Pact on Economical, Social, and Cultural Rights
    - Convention on Children's Rights (1989)
    - CEDAW, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Woman
    - Beijing Declaration and Action Platform
    - Declaration on Men and Women Equality of the Council of Europe
    - EU Gender Road Map and Gender Action Plan of BiH
    - Law on Gender Equality in B&H
    - Annex 1 of the Dayton Peace Agreement

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