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    Conference “Challenges of Online Media - Between Professionalism and Survival” Held


    organized the Conference

    “Challenges of Online Media - Between Professionalism and Survival”

    November 17, 2017 Jahorina

    The conference “Challenges of Online Media - Between Professionalism and Survival”, organized by the Press Council in BiH, for online media professionals in BiH, was held on November 17, 2017.

    The goal of the conference was to, through dialogue, exchange experiences and problems faced by online media editors on a daily basis. Further, colleague editors attempted to find a possible common path in solving some of these problems, with support and assistance of the Press Council in BiH, the self-regulatory body for print and online media.

    The topics of this conference included: fight for survival in BiH’s media market, the drop in professional journalism coverage standards, false news - spin, hate speech and unlicensed web portals.

    Executive editor of the portal N1, Ms. Tatjana Sekulic, pointed that every journalist can write excellent news, but that the essence lies in writing an excellent title, which is accurate, appealing and creative, but not false.

    Journalist of the portal, Mr. Branko Tomic, said that it was the journalists’ duty to professionally due their job and publish news accordingly.

    Ms. Amila Seferovic, Editor of the portal added that it is hard for media to survive, but that in the end quality is what is noted.

    IzmedjuProfesionalizmaIOpstankaThe Conference was concluded with the participants’ reflections on how online media can perform together and protect their professional work, especially in the election year. Respecting the Press Code of BiH is the essential way, as well as educating the public, online media visitors on the correct way of using the free space for posting personal comments, and the recognition of inaccurate and false news, and reacting to such news and sending complaints to the Press Council -

    Encounters and talks amongst online media editors and journalists are very important in the goal of raising the level of professional and responsible online coverage, and that is why the Press Council will organized a series of such events next year as well.


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